Founders Den is a shared office space and private club for experienced entrepreneurs and their friends. Founders Den is not an incubator, and does not compete with incubators. Founders Den is a shared office space for startups, also known as a “co-working” space. Founders Den is a great potential office for graduates of incubator or accelerator programs.

Founders Den provides a full set of plug-and-play services for resident startups, including desks, Internet, WiFi, conference rooms, printers, beverages and more. Founders Den is a community and hang-out for our entrepreneurs, partners, and advisors, offering opportunities for knowledge sharing and informal mentorship.
Today, Founders Den hosted its first demo day and the following 11 startups gave presentations:

Cake Health —  aims to be the best free way to manage your health care expenses.Cake Health provides a simple way for you to input your current healthcare information and gives you easy-to-understand data to show you where your money is going and more importantly, where you can save money. —  is one of the Y Combinator alums focusing on the business intelligence space — which they call “massively broken”. Essentially, they’re Google Analytics for databases.

DotCloud —aims to solve the choice and management problem that developers have today given how many tools are now at their disposal. Developers go to DotCloud, pick the tools they wish to use to build their applications, and in 30 seconds they can be up and running.

EpicRebates — aims is to dramatically improve the mail-in rebate experience by making it a fully digital one. Consumers will be able to track rebates with their apps, as well as see which ones are actually worth it.

Formative Labs —Formative Labs is using social experiences to get consumers to lower their energy consumption habits. The platform will use Facebook to motivate through social means and to promote brands that want to be associated with good causes.

Groupiter —is a communication tool to help creative people and teams more easily get stuff done.

OpenAppsMkt — This team has built an HTML5 app store. Essentially, they want to be what Apple’s App Store is, but for the open web.

ProximityWare — puts  WiFi “to work” by transforming WiFi hotspots into marketing hubs.

RethinkBooks — They are a white label social reading platform focusing right now on the Christian market.

Revel Systems —aims here is to completely disrupt the point of sale idea for restaurants and retail.

TheIceBreak — We now have social apps and games for just about everything. The private network allows you to do questions and answers with your significant other to get your true feelings out there. And this data is shared with other couples (after it is anonymized completely).