Volvo has launched a new application to help drivers stay in touch with their cars remotely. The free app released Tuesday allows drivers to monitor and check their vehicle from an iPhone or Android handset.

Starting from model year 2012, Volvo now brings you the abillity to access your vehicle from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This requires that your vehicle is equipped with a Volvo onCall Telematics unit.

If your vehicle conforms with these requirements you will, depending on your model be able to:

– See vehicle dashboard values, such as fuel level, trip meters, and more, in the App.
– Control your fuel fired parking heater, if the vehicle is equipped with a fuel fired parking heater.
– Locate your vehicle on a map or using the vehicle signal horn and turn indicators.
– See the current status of doors, windows and locks for your vehicle.
– Lock and unlock the vehicle.
– Request road side assistance from the App.
– Have an electronic driving journal, that will create trip reports for every trip made with the vehicle.