1. You can facilitate change and even catalyze it in others but you can never be the change in someone else.
  2. Choose someone that complements your skills.
  3. You need a partner who challenges the status quo, who wants to be number one and can tough out the difficult and lean times
  4. Don’t confuse talent or capacity with achievement
  5. You should share a sense of vision and values but not have overlapping skills
  6. Choose a partner that has connections.
  7. Think about the skills you need in a partner and the personality traits you can and can’t work with
  8. Pick someone who is as excited and as driven as you are to make this business idea a success
  9. Evaluate potential partners without regard to emotional ties or friendship.
  10. Find a Partner That Shares Your Values, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Vision.
  11. Find a partner who compliments your skills and experience instead of a clone of yourself
  12. Don’t go into partnership with someone who doesn’t put money, or something of equivalent financial value, into your deal.
  13. Each should also provide a list of professional and personal references the other can talk to before entering into any agreements.
  14. When you do choose a business partner, clearly define the function each of you will fulfill in the company.
  15. Stick to what you know, and let your partners take charge of what they know and are good at.
  16. Successful entrepreneurs are extremely resilient. He or she has  to be excited and determined to keep going when everyone else wants to stop
  17. The very best predictor of future performance is past performance.
  18. Choose a business partner who has made personal development a long-term goal.
  19. Ask about his self-help library! What are his favorite books? Authors? What is he currently reading now? What is he working on learning and developing now?
  20. They should be comfortable with risk, flexible, and willing to pivot wherever and whenever necessary.