These multiplayer games at the Android market are some of the best pass-and-play and cross-platform multiplayer games out there.

Parallel Kingdom shows you a parallel universe that exists all around you. Only now do we have the technology to actually see it. The game is played on a Google Map at your actual location. Using simple, Zelda-style graphics, Parallel Kingdom shows the creatures lurking in your backyard and the mythical beasts that you pass everyday on your way to work.

iMobsters. Start as a petty thief and rise to become the Mafia Don by bringing others into your mob and spreading your influence throughout the city. Fight other mobsters in the most immersive massively multiplayer online game ever!

The Words With Friends Play multiple crossword games against your friends at your own pace, pass and play locally, or matchmake with a random opponent.

Guerrilla Bob offers stunning visuals, cross-platform multiplayer, an arsenal of kick-ass weaponry, unique enemies, explosive ammunition and non-stop humor.

Cestos .Battle it out with anyone, anytime, anywhere in one of the first multi-player games on Android! . Win to gain experience, unlock new features, customize your avatar, and socialize with friends.