JIBE connects you to people you already know at companies you want to work for and increases your chances of landing a great job.

Find out who you know in common with the recruiter via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook contacts and JIBE attaches them along with your resume when you apply.

Once you login using your Facebook or LinkedIn account, JIBE’s technology aggregates your friends and connections to show you the companies and industries you are connected to through your friends. JIBE only accesses work history and education from your friends Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. If your friends have their privacy settings on Facebook set to not show this info, then you will not see it on JIBE.

How to apply for a job on JIBE?

First, make sure you have your JIBE profile completed. You can use any existing information from your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, including work history and education. Once you find the job you want to apply to, you can attach a resume and cover letter to your profile and submit your application. Make sure to also attach any references you have received for that job.