People are rapidly accumulating a new set of digital and technical skills that make them valuable and effective in today’s workforce, yet no one is measuring or validating these skills.Smarterer wants to fill that space.

Smarterer, a startup that intends to help people measure and compare their digital, social and technical skills to others – has launched its beta version and secured $1.25 million in funding, adding Google Ventures to its list of investors, including True Ventures and a number of notable angel investors.

Using crowd-sourcing, Smarterer relies on the community to provide updated digital, social and technical questions to test people’s skills. So, for example, with Twitter’s new image search tool launched this month, a user could pose questions related to the new tool, testing people’s knowledge of recent and relevant news, and likely achieving a tougher success scoring rate.

How it works
Select a test to begin answering questions. Questions are timed, and the longer the question, the more time you have. Our system uses adaptive difficulty to identify your skill level and then give you questions at the appropriate difficulty. You’ll be challenged, but that’s a good thing, right?

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