1. Is your purpose clear and does it make sense?
  2. Do things that you are passionate about – then it won’t become a drag.
  3. Appreciate the difference between good and great people.
  4. Don’t make anything that has thousands of successful competitors already.
  5. You have to knock on a lot of doors before one eventually opens. You need to have strength, resilience, and humbleness to accomplish that.
  6. Never miss out on the opportunity to have fun.
  7. If you hire the right people, keep them around you and stay focused on what your value proposition is, and you make your customers insanely happy, then the rest will take care of itself.
  8. Believe in yourself. Take the risk. Get brutal feedback. Network and get out there.
  9. Some days are great days and some days are the worst in your life, but if you have a good team that you can share that with, it will be a fabulous endeavor.
  10. Keep as close as you can to the customer even during development.
  11. make sure you have a great team in place and approach your clients, employees and other stakeholders with great enthusiasm, but don’t overpromise.
  12. Get people and investors involved who are critical of what you are doing.
  13. Honest feedback is seriously priceless (if you can handle it!).
  14. make sure that you and your company have a vision and missiondifferent from just earning a lot of money.