Google has launched an online identity management tool “Me on the Web”. The tool is available through Google’s online dashboard, available to anyone with a Google account, this added section helps you track your online mentions, view your public profiles on various social networking sites and blogs, manage your digital identity and even learn the process involved in having items removed from the Web entirely.

With “Me on the Web,” Google makes it easier to cyberstalk yourself, with easy tools to see where you appear online, essentially centralizing access to older tools like Google Alerts or your Google profile. It’s one step closer to Google’s vision of how online identity works.

Me on the Web also provides links to resources offering information on how to control what third-party information is posted about you on the web. These include common tips like reaching out to the webmaster of a site to ask for the content to be taken down, or publishing additional information on your own to help make less relevant websites appear farther down in search results.