Imagine being able to turn any real world product, advert, logo or physical landmark into an interactive experience simply by pointing a phone at it.

Blippar sells itself as “the first universal augmented reality platform aimed at advertisers.” Blippar is fundamentally changing the rules of advertising by moving augmented reality from a fad-based gimmick to an entrenched smart phone user-behaviour and form of real-time push-pull interactions between brands and consumers.

How Blippar works
Well, you wave your smartphone’s or tablet’s camera over a branded image, and it magically comes to life on the screen in front of you. It’s like a 3D website that jumps out at your from a static label or poster.

By adding a simple, unobtrusive call to action to the creative, that same advert will suddenly become:

  1. Pull, not push: a requested, interactive experience
  2. Fun, memorable and informative
  3. Quantifiable by the exact number and type of eye-balls
  4. A direct call to action: whether for more info, to purchase, sign-up or product trial
  5. The main component of a PR-able and viral-able cross-media campaign