1. The habit of constantly exchanging information, thoughts and feelings openly and honestly builds morale, enhances productivity, and fosters contagious leadership.
  2. A founder who is ready, willing, and able to learn on the job during the start-up process.
  3. Pay very close attention to new entrants and potential competitors.
  4. Nurture the habit of truly knowing your most valuable asset – people.
  5. Make sure you have ready access to whatever capital you may need so that you don’t have to spend a lot of
    time raising money.
  6. They mentor their team to always assume they have permission to do things their way.
  7. They influence people to make things happen, rather than tell people to make things happen.
  8. They nurture the habit of recognizing others strengths, and help them extrapolate these to greatness.
  9. Spend more time on initial positioning
  10. Sit down with their team, find out what needs immediate attention, and get their hands dirty