1. Are you prepared to endure with modest or no salary for a few years?
  2. Are you bored with your current work environment/life situation?
  3. Do you like to question conventional wisdom.
  4. Do you have an idea that no one can talk you out of?
  5. Do you have a partner you trust with complimentary skills?
  6. Can you handle high degrees of ambiguity or uncertainty
  7. Would you rather fail at your own thing than succeed at someone else’s.
  8. Are you passionate to solve a problem you think can be solved better
  9. Do you have the tenacity to endure and grow your business without pay
  10. Not scared or ashamed of failure?
  11. Do you have a high level of confidence in your own ideas and ability to execute
  12. Can handle rejection, being told “no” often and yet still have the confidence in your idea?
  13. Not highly susceptible to stress?
  14. Doesn’t follow rules very well and questions authority
  15. Can you get back up again after your first failure?
  16. Are you prepared to go through  the jungle and  the dirt road before you reach the highway?