SpotWorld is a free, social travel guide of the entire world. Discover and learn about the best spots to visit in any destination and interact with community-generated itineraries. You can also track and share your travel experiences in a fun way.

SpotWorld’s mission is to help travelers discover and learn about the best spots, anywhere. We believe that there is nothing quite like the joy of stumbling across a cool spot that we did previously know about – whether it is a landmark, an urban park, a museum, a performance art venue, or a fantastic eatery.

*View interactive multimedia (photos, audio readings, text articles) about over 500,000 spots all over the world, including all top attractions
*See interesting spots around your current location in the “Near Me” experience
*Contribute photos, tips, and ratings to SpotWorld to make it even better for the entire community
*Interact with multiple map views of spots near you, itineraries, and destinations
*Discover fun, community-generated “Popular Itineraries” that you can use and “like”
*Create your own itineraries on the fly and save them on your phone. Keep them private, or share them with friends.
*Publish your awesome itineraries for the entire SpotWorld community to enjoy!