Twidium is a program for increasing the number of people following your Twitter account (get more followers). This is achieved by following accounts, a part of which must reciprocate by following you. The percentage of accounts which follow you in reply can vary greatly from 1% to 30%. To make this percentage as high as possible, follow these rules for maximum impact:

1. Change your avatar from a standard one to a unique one.
2. Change your account background.
3. Fill in as much information in the fields Bio, Name and Location.
4. Before using Twidium write at least 10 tweets.
5. Write a tweet at least once every few days.
6. Retweet interesting tweets.
7. Make sure that the number of accounts you are Following does not exceed your Followers by more than 20%.
8. Only send following requests to themed accounts taking into account the language of your account.