1. Create internal mechanisms that force you to make changes long before you have to.
  2. A strong leader is always thinking ahead – anticipating – ready with solutions when problems arise.
  3. Let “No” Be a Bigger Part of Your Vocabulary
  4. Effective leaders are relentless about clearing items off their to do list. What’s more, it helps them control their time.
  5. Make your office as an Idea Factory
  6. Take care of your relationships and the money will take care of itself.
  7. Brilliant things happen when you go the extra mile for every single customer.
  8. Make Customer Service Everyone’s Job
  9. The bigger the dream, the more important the team.
  10. Leave Your Schedule Open
  11. True leaders place a great deal of emphasis on culture and shared values.
  12. The purpose of work is to help people. The other rewards are inevitable by-products of this singular focus.
  13. Let Employees Come and Go as They Please
  14. Make the Important Calls Yourself
  15. In the new world of business, everyone’s part of the leadership team.
  16. Clear, concise communication is invaluable
  17. If you have a geographically dispersed workforce, communication and facetime are key
  18. Leadership is the art of mobilizing others toward shared aspirations
  19. In the new world of business, everyone works in Human Resources.
  20. The antidote to deep change is daily learning. Investing in your professional and personal development is the smartest investment you can make. Period.
  21. Read magazines you don’t usually read. Talk to people who you don’t usually speak to. Go to places you don’t commonly visit. Disrupt your thinking so it stays fresh + hungry + brilliant.Leadership traits can create a virtuous cycle for the firm’s management, employees, clients, stakeholders, and others.
  22. If you’re not thinking for yourself, you’re following – not leading.
  23. Ethical leadership calls for morals, fairness, caring, sharing, no false promises or unreasonable demands on others
  24. The best leaders are inspiring, coaching and impelling their team to higher levels of accomplishment and growth.
  25. Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.
  26. Express enthusiasm for fresh ideas while keeping improvements to yourself.
  27. People want to be inspired to pursue a vision. It’s your job to give it to them.
  28. Smart leaders build bench strength
  29. Copying what your competition is doing just leads to being second best.