Chewsy is the mobile app that will change the way you eat out by showing you reviews of what really matters—the food. Now you can order with confidence, discover great dishes nearby and share your thoughts with the world.

Chewsy sifts through dish reviews of local restaurants. It’s fairly straightforward to navigate — you can browse nearby restaurants for food reviews, find food nearby or add your own review. The goal is to let the rest of the world know just how great (or awful) that lamb vindaloo tasted.

The company also promotes a lighthearted technology it calls the “transmogrificationer.” It supposedly analyzes your food reviews and turns them into pithy one-liners that are ready to be posted to Facebook and Twitter. If you rate an item a two out of five, you might get something like this: “Hide your kids, hide your wife, cuz the Tiramisu at Lambaster’s is attacking errbody out here.”