1. The best part of blogging is the people you will meet
  2. You Will Meet Other Smart People
  3. Each article that you publish is a synthesized thought process that may click with other entrepreneurs instantly.
  4. You might make a new acquaintance, a new co-founder for the future, potential investor, hire,etc.
  5. Being an entrepreneur is about finding other smart (hopefully smarter) people to collaborate with and writing frequently helps make this happen.
  6. Writing helps to generate enthusiasm and passion for your business and the industry you write about
  7. Your experiences will provide insightful knowledge to other entrepreneurs
  8. Experienced entrepreneurs out there such as Paul Graham, Dharmesh, Jason Fried and Joel Spolsky have prevented young entrepreneurs from making mistakes that they might have made otherwise.
  9. By writing you get a chance to establish  domain expertise by sharing it with the world.
  10. You develop the ability to communicate more clearly to an audience of many, by providing a logical argument with a unique angle to your position.
  11. It synthesize your thoughts into actionable goals which can create the “buzz” that is required to attract clients to your business
  12. Writing helps you to go closer to interesting people which are otherwise not reachable.