1. Read Product Launch Promotion by Marshalk
  2. Find and put together a compelling story
  3. Re-check the design in all the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE6-8, Opera)
  4. Send out a survey to the dedicated test users (even if they are only family and friends!) and include a few new users who haven’t seen the product yet.
  5. Start looking for places to submit your site.
  6. Using this list of startup related sites and this list of where to submit your startup.
  7. Write compelling stories for each market segment. Each site submission will need a unique pitch customized to the site/person
  8. Write 5-10 sentence compelling story of why your product is great for their audience
  9. Offer for interview or other details in the future
  10. Read Product Launch Promotion by Marshalk, Balsamiq preparing for launch, How Jason pitched to TechCrunch.
  11. This video will be helpful. How not to get PR from top sites
  12. Update your  about page to be less generic, and to tell a more interesting story.
  13. Have a blog post ready at launch
  14. People don’t come just because you built it, so you need to have some plan to get people’s attention.
  15. Find tool(s) to track/analyze your launch
  16. Write a pre-launch FAQ
  17. Tech news and review bloggers are hungry for content and if you give them all the info they need to write, in an easy to consume fashion, they will appreciate it and be more likely to write about you.
  18. Put out a press release, attend the startup conferences and employ a successful PR firm if you can.