In Paul Graham’s words: “You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible.” There are tons of advice, guidance and best practices from around the web that you can act on for your startup success. Founders and entrepreneurs keep sharing their lessons and tips on how you can succeed. There are always tools for every entrepreneur. If you are bootstrapping, the resources are unlimited, if you intent to raise capital, there are always investment mistakes to avoid, its out there, find it make every dollar count. Build a great product and whatever happens don’t stop even if means crawling, you will get there.

This is a summary of startup advice gathered in 3 words for you.

  1. Build something great
  2. Innovate.Listen.Iterate.
  3. Iterate.Iterate.Iterate.
  4. Vision.Team.Execution
  5. Speed! Speed! Speed!
  6. Build. Listen. Fix.
  7. Focus, focus, focus
  8. Talent.Talent.Talent
  9. Passion. Passion.Passion
  10. Just Do It
  11. Vision. Team. Traction.
  12. Simple. Lean. Valuable.
  13. Don’t be evil
  14. Write a blog.
  15. Invest in culture.
  16. Spend less money
  17. Don’t ignore users
  18. Raise Whats Needed
  19. Connect with Twitter
  20. Revenues matter most.
  21. Sell.Sell.Sell
  22. Pursue multiple strategies
  23. Stretch your imagination.
  24. Never stop pushing
  25. Never say never.
  26. Connect with facebook

Three words wisdom continues @ OnStartups and @ HolyKaw


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