Lots of people have the same idea at the same time, but the person who is going to make he money is the one who does something about it. Ahhha wants to take all those random ideas and crowdsource the process of turning them into designs and products that you can actually make money from.

How it works
People enter their ideas into the website, then other users can weigh in, voting ideas up or down and also contributing their own thoughts. At a certain point, the most popular ideas will be refined to the the point that they’re monetizable. Or they might need a final push, so Ahhha might hold a contest where users could join up in teams to create the final product.

Then Ahhha will try to actually sell it, either by licensing it to another company (which seems more plausible, at least at first) or even starting a new business.

The money made from the product or licensing deal is then split among Ahhha users based on a set terms. The idea originator gets 1 percent, then the remaining 99 percent is divided among Ahhha and the other contributors, depending on how much the users actually did.