UberMedia, an independent provider of applications for reading and posting to Twitter and other social media platforms, today announced the release of UberSocial 1.2 for BlackBerry.

In addition to a user’s traditional timeline, the new Inner Circle feature allows you to elevate the most important people you follow to an exclusive timeline. In this way, users can stay in touch with the people who matter most by easily viewing tweets, replies and direct messages from anyone in their Inner Circle. Users can also set up special notifications for tweets, replies or DMs from anyone in the Inner Circle.

Additional 1.2 features include:

  • Theme Engine: An enhanced theme engine that enables the creation of unique and personalized themes – from special edition themes such as Uber50 to original UberSocial themes.
  • Deal Box: Allows each user the ability to tailor their interests and location in order to receive small, passive notifications for deals by location.
  • UberChannels: UberMedia’s @UberEditors staff delivers The Daily Juice – fresh content daily on current topics curated from the Tweet stream – along with channels devoted to happenings at popular events such as ComicCon and the Aspen Ideas Festival and branded channels featuring content from partners such as Mashable, USA Today and the Hollywood Reporter.
  • New Twitter Authentication Process: In order to ensure the security of your direct messages, Twitter has implemented a new “OAuth” process. UberSocial users who do not upgrade to version 1.2 by June 30 will no longer be able to access their DMs, though all other functions will continue to work.