was today listed for sale at the website marketplace.

The domain has recently gained worldwide attention as the website that Paul Ceglia contracted Mark Zuckerberg to work on while at Harvard, allegedly some months before Zuckerberg started work on the site which was to become Facebook. Legal proceedings are currently underway on Ceglia’s behalf, as he claims that Zuckerberg signed over ownership of as part of the agreement to work on StreetFax.

In the Flippa listing, the seller of the domain makes further claims:

“Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg was hired and worked on this site while he went to school at Harvard. Also, it is believed that the code helped power Facebook’s original search features.”

It’s not immediately clear where this second statement comes from and Flippa CEO Dave Slutzkin declined to stand behind it. “We have no specific information about the seller’s claims and we always advise buyers to do their own extensive due diligence. We can confirm that the current owner of the domain is not Paul Ceglia, though we can’t possibly guarantee that there’s no connection there.” traffic is currently being directed to a Live Twitter Streaming Website.