1. Do angel investors and venture capitalists prefer investing in LLCs or C-Corps?
  2. Why are there so many consumer focused startups compared to B2B startups if the majority of profits are in B2B?
  3. What materials or software should I use to pitch a VC?
  4. Why are investors excited about Coupons.com?
  5. What is involved in a startup “scaling”?
  6. What is the best way to leak company information to the press?
  7. What are the best practices for a startup running an auction with multiple VC termsheets?
  8. What’s the best launch strategy for a web startup?
  9. How do you get sales going for a b2b product like Yammer, Jive or Rypple?
  10. What tools do you use to monitor buzz about your startup?
  11. What are the free (or close to free) resources for entrepreneurs?
  12. What are the definitive notes for what was said at Startup School 2010?
  13. What are some good examples of startup product demo videos?
  14. How do I find good technical co-founders?
  15. What is the range of capital you can expect from an Angel vs VC?
  16. What should I do if I have 2-3 startups ideas worth launching?
  17. What motivates an early employee to work in a startup?
  18. Which incubators exist in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the US?
  19. What are examples of good startup term sheets?
  20. What books are on your “must read” list for web startups?
  21. What books will change the way I market products?