Shortmail wants to be the new way to communicate. It’s length-limited to 500 characters. But it’s also social – linked to your Twitter account. Over time, the company wants to make email much more social and more efficient. is slating as the Twitter of email.

By limiting messages to 500 characters, Shortmail is “stressing conciseness,” according to 410 Labs. Like Twitter, Shortmail features a character counter which tracks each letter typed–reach the max, and Shortmail will not allow you to send the message. The same restriction applies to messages received.

“[The] length limit on messages is long enough to express most coherent points or ask a colleague a question, while filtering out much spam, newsletters, promotions, and dissertations,” 410 Labs said in a statement. “Thus your Shortmail inbox becomes the place for the to-the-point messages in sizes and quantity you can digest and respond to quickly.”

If you already have a Twitter account, then you already own a Shortmail address.The messages are designed as extensions of a Twitter message–for whatever you can’t fit in your 140 character tweet, clearly. Messages can be delivered privately or publicly, playing along with how tweets are visible to all.