Zapaday is an open news agenda and a global public calendar. Zapaday lets you see the future with day-by-day events, news stories, facts and trivia.

How it works
Editors and bots at Zapaday monitor 4.000 news sites and calendars for future events and news stories. You can create and publish your own events and calendars, re-using events and calendars of others.

The calendar can be accessed without signing up for an account, but users who do sign up receive notifications when a new event is added to days or categories that are important to them. The number of calendars and days one can follow is currently limited, but eventually users can opt for a a paid version of the site that gives them an unlimited pass to this feature.

Without leaving the site, it’s possible to find out what holidays, new product launches, court hearings, conferences and sports events are set for any future day.