1. Communicating to a small but powerful group of fans first online to enlist their support is a smart way to ensure positive coverage in the mainstream press.
  2. Listen constantly to what’s being said about you. Social media technologies do not make a brand viral; they merely allow consumers to tell others about good brands.
  3. Make Your Message Memorable.’ Simply put, you have little chance that something will go viral unless, like a disease,it can be spread easily mouth-to-mouth.
  4. Sharing is what viral marketing is all about. Everything you do to make that easier is going to improve your campaign.
  5. Forget about you, your product or your company. Focus exclusively in creating a good and interesting story.
  6. To minimize poisonous internal group think, invite people from outside your organization to help.
  7. Be willing to experiment with a video that might not be consistent with your brand image.
  8. One of the most effective ways to use video to drive viral marketing is for companies to develop a contest in which users submit their own video, which then is made available for others to see.
  9. Everyone loves free things. Free makes everyone happy.
  10. For viral marketing to work, it must be completely painless and easy for your prospect or intermediary to pass it on.
  11. A successful viral campaign comes down to three factors. Idea, Opportunity, Execution.
  12. The most important trick of all is to create a very strong emotion. You need to have an opinion, to express an idea with commitment and dedication.
  13. Do not try to make advertisements
  14. Viral marketing is never about exclusivity. It is about getting it out there for everyone to see.
  15. Allow people to reprint your articles on their website, in their E-zine, newsletter, magazine or E-books.
  16. Forget neutral, trying to please everyone, supporting several target groups or any of the many ways to be unbiased.
  17. Do something unexpected
  18. Viral marketing is also about your campaign getting a life on its own – spreading like virus.
  19. Viral marketing is all about a good story. Create one.
  20. Allow Sharing, downloading and embedding.
  21. Keep in mind that the best viral marketing campaign is one that creates a strong emotion. This means some people will really like it – while others will get very angry.

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