Twelevision is an iPad and iPhone app that curates and facilitates participation in Twitter discussions around Australian television as shows air.Twelevision helps Australians choose which channel and program to watch based on the Twitter conversations happening around it.

How it works
Within Twelevision, you select the TV show you’re currently watching so that you can view tweets about the show in real-time. Twelevision facilitates participation in the conversation by pre-populating your tweets with hashtags. The app uses “Response Stickers” — essentially fancy emoticons — as a shorthand for your opinions, letting you get across the tone accompanying your sentiments as quickly as possible. Twelevision awards badges for various achievements.

– Log in using your Twitter account
– Pre-populated tweets with your show’s hashtag
– Earn exclusive Twelevision Badges
– Send instant Response Stickers
– Customise your list of TV channels
– Use all regular Twitter account functions.