1. Figure out the 10 journalists you want to have see your product before you launch.
  2. Give out teaser information about the application with no specific information at conferences prior to launch
  3. Everything starts with the story. If you don’t have an interesting story, your blogs,videos and tweets will be ignored.
  4. he marketing message should resonate with your target customer persona and call them to action.
  5. Your team should also submit your project to all open listings and forums. This includes HN, Reddit, Convore, Startupli.st, AngelPad, CrunchBase, KillerStartups, StartupWizz etc.
  6. Make a product that you yourself can’t stop using
  7. Launch is a process, not an event. Too many things can go wrong if you bet everything on one award, one demo, or one event. Focus on the processes that will get you real users.
  8. The most important thng to do for your closed beta is to find ways to bring your target market into the beta test.
  9. Once your target market is in the beta test, communicate with them early and often.
  10. Do not neglect your local media. Even more if your product/service is simple to understand.

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