Flipboard is a beautiful iPad app that looks at the content your friends are sharing on Twitter and Facebook and reformats it into a digital, interactive magazine.

Flipboard has received $10.5M in Series A funding and $50M in Unattributed funding. Flipboard got Oprah Winfrey to see its product within a year. They were given one of Time magazine’s invention of the year awards. They were named the iPad App of the year by Apple . Study how they did that below.

  1. Before the launch of  Flipboard, Mike McCue the cofounder made his engineers hook up double the amount of servers they thought would be necessary.
  2. After the launch, Flipboard maxed out that server capacity in a shocking 20 minutes.
  3. The company overlooked one key checklist item: server capacity.
  4. Flipboard briefed many sources under embargo including WSJ / Mossberg, WSJ / Swisher, Clarie Caine Miller of the NYTimes, Scoble, and Liz Gaines at GigaOm.
  5. Flipboard raised $10 million in its first round so  it won’t “be forced into a situation where we have to break the glass of the nearest business model just to survive.
  6. When Flipboard made its public debut, it had all the key pieces in place: endorsements from influential tech bloggers like Robert Scoble (who declared Flipboard “revolutionary”)
  7. Flipboard had Wall Street Journal lined up with a coverage as the app went live in the App
  8. Others were quick to follow with their praise.
  9. It had a $10.5 million funding round from big-name investorsbincluding some of the co-founders Facebook and Twitter, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and even Ashton Kutcher( This was huge-how do you copy this!)
  10. Flipboard had a slot to demo the product at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado.
  11. Product demonstrations are a healthy part of any product launch.
  12.   Instead of simply telling you what the Flipboard can do this entire webpage was dedicated to showing you what it can do.


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