# Great at generating many ideas – innovative, game changing and even commonplace.
# They surround themselves with other creative people.
# They never reject a thought or idea, no matter how ridiculous it seems.
# They bum, borrow, buy, or bust to get creative ideas.
# Always looking to experiment with good ideas. Sometimes, trying out a few times.
# Comfortable with a diversity of thoughts, concepts and ideas.
# Take on many roles and points of view when they need to fit.
# Quickly adapt and lead in a style that meets the need of the group they are leading.
# Trod a path many have yet to walk and can act as guides
# Passionate, expressive and sensitive to their teams, colleagues and surroundings.
# Create and launch game changing products meeting a high level of quality and design.
# Hire the creative Leaders and watch the company Grow.
# Ability to make their own rules and achieve what they set out to do
# Non-conformists and independent, requiring less social approval than most people.
# They inspire the people around them to also be creative.
# They are always looking for ways to add, improve, enhance and upgrade. Creativity is a progression.
# The creative leader is authentic: their actions aligned with their values.
# Ability to help others learn how to think, how to exercise judgment and how to take action
# They see beyond the present situation to a desired result or idea.
# Committed to a process of continuous change. They aspire to create innovative, learning startup culture.
# Encourage people to be self-directing.
# Sense that people perform at a higher level when they are operating on the basis of their unique strengths, talents, interests, and goals.
# Stimulate and reward creativity.