Social networks are a great way to share your likes and interests with the world – and with other people who like the same things you do. StreetSpark is a mobile app that connects singles based on the likes and interests they exhibit through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s about creating serendipity and ensuring that you have less missed chances.

How it works
StreetSpark looks for others nearby with likes and interests similar to yours. When it finds someone with enough in common, it introduces you.You listen to a favourite band on Pandora. You check into a bar you like on Foursquare. You follow someone interesting on Twitter. You ‘like’ a certain group on Facebook.When StreetSpark finds someone else who likes those same things, it will put the two of you in touch. From there, you can message each other in real time through the StreetSpark network.

If things go well, you can arrange to meet in the real world. Or you can choose to stop things right there, and StreetSpark won’t ever introduce you to that person again. It’s totally secure, and you control the interaction at all times.