# Serial entrepreneur and investor Chris Dixon on the tradeoffs with keeping your new business idea confidential

# Paul Graham on the concept of “ramen profitability,” i.e., earning just enough to live on noodles and on the different rhythms and mindsets of makers (product builders) vs. managers (business types)

# Eric Ries on when to release your first product; how to manage a business model transition; and what startup CEOs can learn from Steve Jobs

# Furqan Nazeeri on how to run an all-hands team meeting and startup ethics

# Tips on pitching your firm from entrepreneurs Jason Calacanis, Andrew Fife, Simeon Simeonov, and Eric Ries.

# Tips on networking from startup CEO Andrew Hoag

# Entrepreneur Sean Power on how to exploit momentum and entrepreneur Mark Suster on the danger of a hot startup’s team “drinking its own Kool-Aid

# Jason Calacanis on managing layoffs

# Steve Blank on why startups should avoid deliberations over “corner cases,” i.e., potential problems with a very low probability.

# A 3-part post from Ooga Labs on startup management practices for “going fast.” Be sure to follow links

# 3-part post from Steve Blank on intellectual property defense for startups

# Serial entrepreneur and VC Mark Suster on the importance of tenacity and street smarts in entrepreneurship

# Alistair Croll and Sean Power of Watching Websites on metrics to track

# Three-part series by Steve Blank on intellectual property defense strategies for startups

# The case against releasing early/often from Jason Cohen at OnStartups.com

# Steve Blank on how the transition to professional management can have unintended consequences as a startup matures (NEW -12/21); more from Steve on the same theme

# Blog devoted to IP law for startups by Jill Bowman

# Lessons for first-time entrepreneurs from Matt Mireless

# Tips on managing lawyers for 1st-time entrepreneurs from James Reinhardt of ThredUP

# Eric Ries on the right amount of process for a startup

# Mark Suster on the wisdom (and ethics) of failing fast  and on how to manage relationships with journalists

# Naval Ravikant of VentureHacks on pitching

# Eric Ries on problem solving via “five whys”

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