Twilio, the cloud communications company, today announced the launch of Twilio Short Code SMS. The service enables software developers to build applications that send and receive text messages using dedicated 5 and 6-digit numbers.

Twilio provides in-cloud APIs for two-way voice and text messaging communications.

Businesses use short codes to send large volumes of identical messages, or “blasts”, a use case that extends the utility of Twilio’s existing SMS service. Twilio short codes enable your app to send SMS at 30 messages per second.

Twilio Short Code SMS costs 1¢ per outbound text message, and 0.5¢ per inbound text message. Twilio customers can lease custom short codes for $1500/month, or random short codes for $1000/month on a quarterly basis, as opposed to the industry standard annual contract.

Pricing includes licensing fees to the Common Short Code Administration, required of all short codes.


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