1. Launch stage: finding customers BEFORE you start your company.
  2. Incorporating, Accounting, Legal ramifications, contracts
  3. Finding the first customers
  4. Evolving from being a doer to a manager of employees and then eventually to a manager of managers
  5. Having the discipline to maintain a narrow strategic focus
  6. Transitioning from owner to leader
  7. Confronting  impending growth
  8. Choosing right kind of investors
  9. Having a team that work together well
  10. Delays in processing intellectual property protection claims
  11. Requirements changed in the middle of the cycle
  12. Managing cash flow effectively
  13. Managing customer their expectations
  14. Financial .There will always not be enough cash
  15. Keeping communications open
  16. Lack of ecosystems and networks to support your startup
  17. Founder conflicts on roles and tasks
  18. Sticking to Product schedules
  19. Team conflict
  20. Building and growing a customer base
  21. Finding the funding required for your business startup costs
  22. Scaling your business
  23. Delay in milestones delivery
  24. Loss of focus.
  25. Having the right business leadership skills
  26. Creating a business not a job
  27. Too small a database
  28. Pitching the business plan with confidence to people who can help.
  29. Salary.Making sure you pay yourself first.
  30. Finding enough customers willing to pay for a service/product
  31. Finding suitable office space in a good location
  32. Gaining marketplace acceptance and penetration
  33. Support – from your family, friends and customers.
  34. Concentration on th BIG picture at the detriment of the details
  35. Getting overwhelmed by growth
  36. Running out of funds
  37. Completing a sound business plan.

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