As a startup, what you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your business is to start blogging. There’s no hiding the fact that blogging takes work, creative energy, consistency, and a high level of commitment. But when done right, the benefits far outweighs the cost.  Every online business or a business with an online presence needs a blog. It’s a great way to maintain the integrity of your brand. The Real question to answer is: what do we  have to blog about. This can serve as a guide for you.

  1. Do not fail to realize  that customers would like to engage with you.
  2. Engagement creates an expectation of reflection and communication.
  3. Blog about your industry.
  4. Create a reason for your customers to aggregate on your site on regular basis
  5. Become  a thought leader in your space by engaging your employees to educate your clients on topics your product covers
  6. Blog about a topic in which you’re knowledgeable, thoughtful and passionate about which your community can identify with.
  7. General company news and updates
  8. Blog about keywords you want to be identified with. Prospective Customers search for products on search engines. If you cover your topics well, chances are that you will be found via organic search.
  9. Press Releases of your major milestones, development or progress.
  10. Share with your customers on industry howtos
  11. Product Releases. As time progress, your startup will release  a new product, make changes to features or add a new feature. You would want to explain why your customers will find the new feature useful
  12. 37 signals does well. Copy their strategy and replicate for your industry