SocialSafe is your digital diary backing up your online social memories from Facebook and Twitter, and keeping them safe on your computer.SocialSafe’s first standalone application connects your Facebook & Twitter (Pro) accounts to your computer within seconds creating a backup of the major elements of your Facebook & Twitter accounts.

The application is built on Adobe Air to ensure seamless integration with PCs and Macs. SocialSafe is available in both Free and Pro versions.

What you get:

  • An accessible archive of all public communications helping you adhere to the Freedom of Information Act
  • Profile your social media audience through detailed exportable reports
  • Customer support sessions taking place on Facebook and Twitter are kept forever
  • Unique 100% private and secure storage of information on your computer, not hosted on the cloud
  • Controlled backups at intervals you decide
  • Superior rich search to find that elusive comment across your social profiles
  • One-click time travel with SocialSafe’s calendar navigation, any day or day range is no more than a couple of clicks aways – try doing that with Facebook!
  • Data portability just in case you ever need it