Three months ago, Matt Shampine, Jesse Middleton and Adam Neumann opened a startup incubator in SoHo, WeWork Labs. Fifty talented, aspiring entrepreneurs were hosted at the space and immediately got to work brainstorming million-dollar ideas. Now there are 22+ companies in the SoHo space.

WeWork labs offers entrepreneurs great space to build their own products, their overarching goal is to foster collaboration among intelligent, creative and driven individuals who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to connect.

The 22 startup companies are:

Onepager helps small businesses create a web presence that they can be proud of with the ability to set up a custom domain.

GuyHaus delivers monthly man supplies. “Everyday in America, millions of dudes wake up to find that they are almost out of shampoo, toothpaste, razor blades or toilet paper,” the founders tell us.

NoiseTrade is a simple way for artists to share music in exchange for fans’ email addresses and zip codes.

 Sfter’s mission is to improve the signal to noise ratio when consuming content from your social streams.

Fitocracy is a web and soon-to-be mobile app that gets people addicted to their fitness by turning it into a social game.

Spindows is a video speed-networking platform for the enterprise.  It allows people to quickly meet relevant people inside their own organization, based on tags.

Moglue is creating a desktop platform that allows publishers, amateur authors and artists a way to create interactive ebooks and release them as apps for iOS and Android devices with one-click publishing.

LetsConfirm wants to fix booking appointsments and make it much more simpler.

OpenInvo is a marketplace for ideas and a platform for open innovation.Companies can access it for ideas from outside sources and provide people with incentives to participate.

Consmr is ‘Yelp for the supermarket’. The company provides a destination for users to rate, review and check in to grocery and drugstore products.

Rembly “tackles the intricacies of personal relationships with the goal of creating a new culture of thoughtfulness.”

Startup Giraffe solves the execution problem. It helps people turn ideas into actual products.

Siftee helps professionals manage content and build valuable networks on Twitter.

We can all use all the help we can get managing our productivity, Timerdoro turns the hour glass for you while you work.

Tout is an email productivity tool. It templates frequently sent emails so you can send them faster and get analytics on whether your day-to-day email activity is being effective.

Classroom360 develops educational software. Produce interactive tools that teach and reinforce the learning of various common core standards. keeps track of upcoming and ongoing event. Save event details from across the web, then decide later with friends.

ReadSocial creates a single social layer across ebooks, websites and digital magazines, regardless of device or DRM.

 CrowdScanneris developing a platform to help conference organizers stimulate discussions between people in the same room, face to face, with mobile applications.

KeywordSmart’s mission is to help stock photographers succeed by getting their images into the right search results.

StyleMusée is a social shopping platform that connects you with designers based on your personal style.