1. Check the reason you are starting-up a new business.
  2. Everything starts and ends with your desire to WIN.
  3. If you can sell your passion to your investors then you can have a working relationship but only when you can show them a profit.
  4. Be passionate about an inspiring business vision and build it passionately, step by step
  5. Cold listen to your marketing research findings
  6. Check your cash. Plan your cash. Manage your cash. Insufficient cash to finance the operations is another top cause of start-up failures (it has to do with poor planning) .
  7. Start-ups should aim to get as much free advice as possible
  8. Raise twice as much money as you think you need and spend half as much as you initially budgeted – it will take longer than you estimate
  9. Separate your business funds and expenses from your personal funds and expenses. It will make book-keeping, budgeting, and tracking of profit / loss much easier.
  10. An excellent Idea with poor Execution is a lost stake and is a fundamental cause of failure in any business or venture.
  11. Break the day down into tasks you are accomplishing.
  12. Failure.. The fear of failing -LOSE IT
  13. Be totally honest with yourself about your own weaknesses and get people around you with complimentary skills who totally share your vision, commitment and passion
  14. Focus on bringing in the cash.
  15. Making sure you have a tight hold on your budget.
  16. Do something that you like, but also have somebody else that has already done it and can teach you what to do, and what not to do.

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