At today’s Apple Q3 2011 earnings call, Apple has confirmed that the OS X Lion is launching tomorrow. The OS will be available on the Mac App Store at $29.99.

OS X Lion is a major upgrade to Apple’s desktop operating system which introduces over 250 new user features and brings several interface and navigation schemes from iOS devices like the iPad, to the Mac’s multi-touch trackpad and desktop environment.

The new operating system packs 250 new features, including an iOS-like app launcher, multi-touch gestures, AirDrop for direct file sharing, and system-wide Resume. More enhancements that will feel particularly familiar to iOS users include a new version of Mail with conversation view, and reverse touchpad scrolling.

Apps can now automatically save their “state” upon quitting — meaning accidental shut downs and force-quits will no longer affect the document you were working on. Combined with Auto Save and Version, this opens to a lot more possibilities when it comes to dealing with documents stored on your computer.