Pose launched in January 2011 wants to help you take photos of your favorite fashion finds, add info like how much they cost, and share them with the world. It’s kind of an Instagram for people who like to shop.

Pose now allows you to create a profile, follow friends & trendsetters as they shop in real-time, as well as track the latest fashions from top brands and retailers. Share your poses across social networks and find inspiring styles by following the most popular poses from ‘today’, ‘this month’ & ‘all-time’.

-Use Pose to follow friends & trendsetters as they shop in real-time, & to track the latest releases from top brands & retailers
-Share your latest fashion discoveries, source endless style inspiration and build a virtual history of your real-life finds with Pose.

Pose allows you to follow the styles you love from users, Posers (featured contributors), brands and retailers. Looking for additional inspiration? Check out the most ‘popular’ poses, divided according to most popular ‘today,’ ‘this month and ‘all time.’