Startups that survive in today’s economy will be those that can change their cultures from the slower pace of business to a more faster pace that can produce results. Cultivating a sense of urgency is about producing results. Business Leaders and professionals who have taking advantage of business opportunities, stocks and shares isa and new business practices always win in the end.

Business processes including paperwork,team meetings, and budgeting—are not an end in themselves. They are only the means. If you do all this and don’t accomplish your goals, you have lost. The focus should be on achieving the results that necessitates the processes.

Great people end up building great companies. Communicate your goals, mission and vision with your team in the best way possible. Once the team knows where the company is headed, it will be easier for them to focus on getting results that matters.The right people, combined with focus, determines the success of an organization.

Speed can be a competitive advantage. Leaders who are willing to activate some level of urgency and get themselves, their teams, and their projects into motion always prove to be a force to reckon with in business. Urgency requires that you activate quickly: Make a decision. Act upon it. Do something!

Create a focused work environment. For you to create a focused work environment, you must adopt tools that are simple, people-centered and invite collaboration.

Make sure your overall business strategy is compelling and most importantly share it with everybody.

Stay focused on the what needs to be done as the leader and give your team the room to decide the how. Allow room for creativity, so long as tasks are achieved and accomplished on time.

Keep meetings short and on-point. Always insist on an agenda. Be quick to change tactics. If something is not moving you toward your desired outcome, do something else. Maintain an agile environment.

Create and publicize short-term wins. Share your success stories with your team. as the little victories occur, make sure that they are communicated and celebrated. Once you team realize their efforts are paying off and are being achieved, it gets easier for everybody to to work towards the common goal.

Work with your team.The more you can work with your team to turn annual or far off goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily goals the more likely it is that you will surpass the long-term ones. Not only is it more fun for your staff, but ultimately it is more rewarding.

In his book,Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, David Allen outlines a complete organization system for managing your personal and professional workflow.By putting items in the proper buckets, to be dealt with at their designated times and in their appropriate places, your mind is free to focus on the present.

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