These Google+ chrome extensions add much more capabilities for you if you are on Google+. Google+ is growing rapidly with almost 18 million users. Bookmark for future use if you are not on Google+ yet. When you finally join Google+, you may need these extensions.

Extended Share for Google Plus. Google+ does not have a quick way sharing your posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tumblr this extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post. Once clicked, it will bring up an internal bubble asking you where to share your post.

+Photo Zoom is a simple extension providing fast and simple zooming for photos within your Google+ Stream.Just hover over the image you wish to zoom and +Photo Zoom will load the enlarged version of the picture.

Start Google+ is designed to help you jump right in to Google’s new social network. Here’s a few things that the plugin can do: Put your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google Plus stream, complete with “Stream” links on the side and rich media.

Notification Count for Google Plus. If you want to be aware of who are talking to you or mentioning you in their conversation on Google Plus, but don’t wish to have a web page consistently opened for Google Plus or Gmail, then you should try this.+ Checks for any unread notifications of your Google Plus every minute, and displays unread notification count on your browser extension toolbar.

+Comment Toggle hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available if and when you actually want to see them.