1. Figure out what’s important and focus almost entirely on that.
  2. Develop the minimum viable product to test your hypothesis about what the market needs.
  3. Measure things from the beginning and track virality and user response.
  4. Identify a problem from your own personal experience that absolutely needs a technology solution.
  5. Be ready to pivot aggressively based on changing user feedback and environment.
  6. Align your goals around what you want to give not what you want to receive.
  7. If you can measure it you can improve it
  8. Start with a problem — Go out into the world and find out what problems exist.
  9. Build an audience before you build a product
  10. Build the most basic product you can to make a process better
  11. Get customers through all sources-Fast Win or Fast Fail
  12. Stay focused on adding value to each and every customer, if you keep doing that, you’ll be on your way to building a great business.
  13. Focus on few key problems and solve them well
  14. Follow your heart, not your wallet.
  15. Manage the money, manage the money, manage the money!
  16. Ask probing questions. Understand and empathize with a problem, making it your own.
  17. Aim for 100% customer satisfaction

Summary of answers to What generic first order principles should a new technology project or startup follow” asked on quora.