The Clever Sense Platform (Alfred) makes sense of the real world by harvesting and sifting through the vast amount of information available on the Web. The platform is designed to connect the online world with the offline world: delivering the right information to the users in the right context (right time, right place, right intent).

At the heart of the Clever Sense Platform is the Serendipity Engine: a personalized context-aware right-time discovery engine. The Serendipity Engine adds a layer of real-time machine learning algorithms and intelligent agent architecture on top of the Clever Sense Interest Graph. It goes beyond traditional recommendation engines by incorporating user’s anonymous interest profile and current context (time, location, intent, and social context) into curation of its recommendations.

How it works
First, an artificial intelligence engine crawls the web and learns how to describe places based on how people talk about them. Then you train “your personal robot,” teaching it about places that you like. Finally, you let Alfred go to work, discovering new favorites for you in the real world.