On daily basis, you mark and copy text from one location and paste the text to (hopefully correct) other location. Pictures to be uploaded had to be located and selected with the internet-browser’s file-dialog. Click.to wants to change that.

Text, images, videos, and other documents which are selected can be sent to other applications with a single click. And the programs can even handle the selection automatically. You might say, click.to transforms everything in your computer into a hyperlink.

Click.to wants to simplify your daily work significantly. You will save dozens of clicks, because interfaces between programs, and detours, can be skipped. Rather than looking up an address for a contact in Outlook, opening your browser to access google maps, and then typing in the address, you only need to click on Outlook, hit CTRL + C, select the menu click.to “google maps” and click.to searches for the address automatically on google maps and shows you the results.

click.to also has functions to search for articles, music, washing machines, and any other object for sale. Highlight the product, music, or object click.to Ebay, Amazon, or any other online shop of your choice.

You’re surfing the Net and read something you want to know more about? Mark a headline and click.to Twitter, Digg, Mixx or any other news-service to get information.


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