Google has acquired Fridge, a group social networking site. In a blog post Fridge team stated: “We are pleased to announce that the Fridge team will be joining Google!.It has been an amazing ride developing Fridge, but most importantly we are very thankful to our enthusiastic community of users. We strongly believe in the group social experience and couldn’t think of a better place to realize our vision of bringing the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web as part of the Google+ Project.

“Fridge will be shutting down but the core tenets will stay on in Google+,” Chang said. He said two people from the four-member Fridge team will be moving to Mountain View, Calif. to join the Google+ team.

While users will no longer be able to post anything new to Fridge, they will still be able to download and save their data until Saturday August 20, 2011 at 6pm ET. After that, in accordance with its privacy policy, Fridge will delete all user data.

Fridge is simple groups for personal and private sharing of media, events, and conversation. Anyone can easily create a group, invite friends, and have one place for specific conversations and shared photos, videos, events and more.


  1. Google+ was a big launch. Fortunately for Google, a lot of influential people started using it and talked about it. If Google+ gets this right, it will be their biggest social network ever.

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