TripLingo teaches you how to speak useful phrases in other languages based on your personal needs. It does so by asking you questions about your trip, what you want to learn about, and how much you want to learn.

The app upgrades trips for business and leisure travelers by making it easy and fun to learn the local language and culture by providing customized relevant phrases and content on your smartphone and the web.

The company was founded on the belief that language learning should be tailored to your unique needs and that learners aren’t necessarily seeking to become fluent. Whether you’re a traveler for leisure or businesses, whether you’re simply curious about a language, or whether you’ve got an eye towards fluency, we’ve got you covered.


  • Learning Mode The core of TripLingo’s product is its  education modes. Learning Mode helps users familiarize themselves with each phrase, and contains the original English, its translation equivalent, pronunciation, audio, and cultural info related to that phrase.
  • Slang Slider Within Learning Mode, The Slang Slider allows anyone to talk like a local. Sliding the handle quickly changes the phrase from formal to colloquial, slang, or outrageous ways to communicate. This feature moves a traveler from just communicating to real interaction – the Slang Slider allows people to interject personality.
  • Intelligent Flashcards TripLingo helps speed your learning process using an intelligent flashcard system. The flashcard system uses the spaced repetition, scores and badges, and progress indicators to make retention entertaining.