let’s you search for terms and then gives you a snapshot of buzz, ranging from Twitter to WordPress. Kyoo aggregates all the buzz from your favorite topics from the most popular social media sites, all in one place.

Built on the Kyoo Aggregation Platform, the app enables users to easily follow and interact with the online buzz surrounding popular trends and hot topics – from viral to political – as they happen, all from a single webpage.

Designed to revolutionize the way news is consumed, is a constantly updated content aggregation website that dynamically displays social content, images and videos surrounding a variety of topics, each on an easy-to-use visual dashboard.

Kyoo was custom-developed to visualize the following:

  •     Twitter and Facebook feeds based on keywords
  •     Twitter heat map displaying tweet density based on keywords
  •     Relevant socially bookmarked articles based on keywords
  •     Articles and blog posts from Google based on keywords
  •     Flickr and YouTube content based on specific keywords and accounts
  •     Feed of chosen Facebook and Twitter accounts based on username
  •     Timeline of trending topics, displayed as a tag cloud and based on keywords
  •     Related Kyoos per Kyoo’s relationship engine


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