If you are beginning to spend time exploring Google’s new social network, Google Plus, check out these posts to see how they might be relevant to you. These are how-tos, tools and resources for maximizing your Google+ experience.

  1. 19 Essential Google+ Resources- Mashable
  2. How to Find People on Google Plus-Recruiter
  3. FindPeopleonPlus.com offers people search based on all of the regular profile fields of Google+, including Relationship Status, Gender, Looking for (reason for using the service), Number of followers, Occupation, and specific geographic fields.
  4. Circles, Hangouts, Sparks: A simple guide to getting started in Google Plus: Vancouversun
  5. Google+: The Complete Guide: Mashable
  6. Google+ Guide: All You Need to Know about Google+:Blogtechnika
  7. Google Plus: 8 Quick Tips and Tricks: PCWorld
  8. 28 Google+ Tips to Enhance Your Google Plus Experience: Webtrickz
  9. 5 Must Have Google+ Chrome Extensions
  10. How To Make A Google+ Profile Picture
  11. HOW TO: Import Your Facebook Contacts on Google+: Mashable
  12. A Walkthrough of Google’s New Social Network, Google+: The Atlantic
  13. Google+ Resources : MW marketing
  14. Getting Started with Google Plus: Chris Brogan
  15. Google+: Learn the easiest way to move photos from Facebook: Zdnet
  16. 25 Tremendous Tools To Enhance Your Google+ Experience: Web Tab Lab
  17. 5 Things Small Businesses Must Know About Google Plus: Forbes Blog
  18. 10 Great Tools to Light up Google Plus Addicts:  Devils Workshop

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