Earlier today Facebook’s official iPad app was exposed to the public. The latest version of Facebook for iOS contained the “hidden” files that could be used to access Facebook’s iPad app. Only a few hours after instructions was released for enabling the “secret” app, Facebook blocked access to the code.

By Monday afternoon, Facebook had blocked log-ins through the iPad app, according to Marvin Bernal, a Toronto computer engineering student who earlier tweeted how to unlock the new software.

To access Facebook’s hidden iPad app, users had to jailbreak the tablet. Instructions on how to activate the iPad app, including a video walk-through, were quickly posted on the Internet by the Jailbreak Nation blog.

Earlier this month, during a press event to introduce Skype integration, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters “Over the next coming weeks and months, we just have a lot of fun stuff to roll out,” said Zuckerberg at the start of the July 6 presentation. iPad users would have to wait until the official app is released by Facebook. But the question is, how long will users have to wait.