Tagwhat helps uncover fun facts about places using augmented reality, Paintapic turns digital photos into physical art projects and TripLingo is a pocket language guide for world travel. Discover great multimedia stories at places around you by holding up your mobile.

Tagwhat is the free app where stories POP UP as “Tags” right on top of their actual locations in real life. Watch as stories change based on where you are and where you’re looking! Like TV, stories are grouped by channels: Art, Food, Music, Movies, Heritage, Sports, Nature.

Here are some stories already in each Tagwhat channel:

• Art: Find out what inspired the artist to create that sculpture in Central Park in NYC
• Food: Meet the Austin chef who decided to combine fried chicken and waffles
• Music: Hear a clip of Janis Joplin outside the club where she first got her start
• Movies: Watch a clip of “The Godfather” from where the scene was actually shot
• Heritage: Look back at videos of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake from Market St.
• Sports: Relive the famous LA Dodgers/SF Giants rivalry at Dodger Stadium
• Nature: Check out the endangered salamanders at Barton Springs in Austin, Texas